Saturday, April 11, 2009

CLP Group’s 2008 Sustainability Report

CLP Group’s 2008 Sustainability Report is now online at:

CLP’s Sustainability Report describes their commitments, plans and performance in managing the challenges we face in order to sustain our business in a responsible manner, especially in the current financial and market turmoil. CLP's aim is to report successes and setbacks with equal honesty.

The CLP report was developed with input from report readers and writers, and includes a Global Reporting Initiative’s G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines content index and indicators. The full content was independently verified. New this year is a set of succinct video reports from CLP's senior management on a range of key issues such as climate change, air quality, safety and community investment.

The abridged version, “2008 Sustainability Report - In Essence” is available for download from our Group website:
(If you would like to receive a hardcopy of the abridged version, please send a request to

CLP is interested to hear your feedback on their sustainability performance and reporting. Feedback form is provided online, and you can also provide your input to Your participation in the ongoing dialogue is important to us.


中電集團的《2008 可持續發展報告》經已出版:


我們報告的內容採納了報告讀者與撰寫人的意見,並包括了全球報告倡議組織 (GRI) G3的內容索引及指標。報告的內容都經過獨立驗證。我們今年的新猷,是推出多輯短片,由高層管理人員來匯報包括氣候轉變、空氣質素、安全,以及社區投資的關鍵事宜。

篇幅較短的《2008可持續發展報告 — 精要》可於我們集團的網站下載:
(如欲索取《2008可持續發展報告 — 精要》的印刷本,請電郵至


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